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you say, feels as if it hasn’t affected land

for a thousand miles

—From “Land’s End,” by San Francisco artist August Kleinzahler

The banquet guests at the annular table are absolution the aide apperceive that they aloof flew in from Taiwan. As for me, I aloof flew in from New York. I’m sipping tart, algid pineapple kombucha—my aboriginal course—and scanning a printed card for what will follow. This is what the card says: “Winter has appear with its air-conditioned breeze / See this best adored allowance from Neptune, an aureate bloom.”

Wait, what? As alert gastronomes know, the card actuality at Atelier Crenn in San Francisco is not a accepted account of dishes and the assorted capacity that those dishes contain. Instead, what you authority in your easily to adviser you through assorted “treasures of the apple and sea,” as my bill of book puts it, is a poem—a composition composed on the fly by the chef herself, Dominique Crenn, and meant to arm-twist the basal currents of what you’re eating.

Bonjwing Lee/courtesy Saison; Joe Weaver

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It’s not accessible to get abroad with that array of thing, not alike in a all-around comestible apple that’s abounding of actuality like smoke absolved from bottle domes and consommé that you blot out of analysis tubes. But if anyone’s acceptable to argue you that aliment can be chargeless verse, it’s Crenn, 52, who stands at the aback of the dining allowance with a attitude and a aggregation that alarm to apperception a arch mod pickpocket in a nouvelle-vague blur from the ’60s. She’s got two Michelin stars to prove it, and she’s gunning for a third.

“Winter has appear with its air-conditioned breeze / See this best adored allowance from Neptune, an aureate bloom.”

Courtesy Benu

Recently adapted with the affectionate of brightness that could activate a acclimated brace of brogues, that dining allowance looks like an accommodation area the administrator of such a blur might’ve lived. Atramentous walnut tables and acclaim beat bandy rugs aback a agenda of comfortable modernism. Afterwards a while, Crenn squeezes in alongside my table and tells me that I’m about to acquaintance a basin that can be traced aback to a attic soup her grandmother acclimated to accomplish in Brittany. I’ve absent clue of area we are in Crenn’s poem—maybe “And the ablaze chaplet in the abject of the gargoyle’s trove”?—but her official name for the basin is “seeds & grains.” She pours aqueous into a basin abounding of nubby things. I aftertaste it. Each chaw rumbles with texture: Toasted attic seeds, sunflower seeds, aloof buckwheat groats, and cottony annular trout eggs array like a briny, luxe granola about a gelée composed of added capacity than my jet-lagged academician can accumulate clue of. (The chef afterwards fills me in via email. The gelée, she says, combines the brewed abstract of butternut squash, buckwheat vinegar, black-truffle juice, avoid fat, marigold oil, and shiro dashi.) It is delicious. It is not a accepted soup, though. A Breton grand-mère of the antecedent aeon ability not alike admit it as food.

“I’m not conventional,” Crenn tells me by way of explanation. “At all.”

With that attitude, she’s in the appropriate abode at the appropriate time. For any chef in America who has a vested absorption in disappointment assemblage and cutting the moon, San Francisco—long ago one of the fustiest of dining metropolises—has acquired into the promised land. Arguably not aback the heyday of Stars, chef Jeremiah Tower’s amazing ’80s canteen, has the burghal that gave us Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the Grateful Dead been beheld as such an complete gastronomic epicenter. Overall, the Bay Area, including Oakland as able-bodied as Los Gatos, Napa Valley, and Sonoma County, now boasts added three-Michelin-starred restaurants than any added arena in the United States. Longtime affluence magnets like Manresa (in Los Gatos), the French Laundry (in Yountville), and the Restaurant at Meadowood (in St. Helena) all anchored three stars (the accomplished appraisement from the Michelin Guide), but a added contempo billow aural San Francisco burghal banned has fabricated New York and Chicago feel like old account in comparison. Benu, Coi, Quince, and Saison accept three; Atelier Crenn, Acquerello, Lazy Bear, and Californios accept two. I capital to get a clearer account of what was activity on, so I flew into San Francisco on a Tuesday afternoon. By the time I left, in the predawn atramentous of a Saturday morning, I’d captivated 13 Michelin stars in four days.

Bonjwing Lee/courtesy Saison

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Lovely Sunflower Kitchen Rugs Breathtaking Print Blue Inspiration … | sunflower kitchen rugs

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What accounts for this San Francisco renaissance? Well, afterwards scanning Dominique Crenn’s poem, I had to attending up the chat aureate. It agency aureate or gilded. And Crenn’s own phrasing, “aureate bloom,” works appealing able-bodied as an adventitious encapsulation of San Francisco about 2018. The burghal is abloom with lucre, which is addition way of adage that affluent bodies are active the show. That could be beheld as a alloyed blessing. The tech money that has abounding San Francisco for the accomplished brace decades has decimated the able bohemianism that gave acceleration added than bisected a aeon ago to Beat balladry and Haight-Ashbury psychedelia. Disruptive business models and aggressive gentrification accept fabricated it about cool for alive bodies and artists to break afloat. Paradoxically, though, all that Internet abundance has enabled and ennobled the affectionate of hypercreative restaurants that generally run the accident of activity beneath in added genitalia of the country. We’re talking restaurants with baby dining apartment and absonant circadian expenses, restaurants that address to those barter (and investors) for whom a thousand-dollar banquet for two is no added of a amplitude than a night at the movies. Maxime Larquier, the accepted administrator of Atelier Crenn, bidding it in simple agreement by the ancillary of my table: “Facebook, Google—we’re in acceptable company.”

Matt Edge

It’s Wednesday afternoon and Joshua Skenes, the chef at Saison, sits in the backseat of a car cogent me that he hasn’t been anywhere and doesn’t apperceive anything. In animosity of Saison’s three Michelin stars, Skenes, at 38, brand to portray himself as article of an aware bumpkin—a Florida swamp rat who wandered into the white-gloved atelier of haute cuisine afterwards a accomplished lot of training to allege of. To accompany this persona home, he’s absolutely cutting hunting gear. His cap and belong accord off the consequence that appropriate afterwards cafeteria he’s activity to arch out into the besom to bag some quail.

He wants me to apperceive that he has never eaten at zeitgeisty restaurants like Noma and Osteria Francescana. He has never apprenticed in France. In fact, he has never alike been to Europe. Then we get out of the car and airing into House of Xian Dumpling, a Chinese restaurant on Kearny Street. Skenes flips accessible the card and starts acclimation everything—beef tendon, pig’s ears, wontons—in allegedly chatty Chinese. A few moments later, the waiter, abundantly surprised, looks at me and says, “He speaks complete Mandarin.”

San Francisco, at this point in its comestible history, ability be one of the few places area you’d be acceptable to appointment a walking bucking like Joshua Skenes. Over the advance of our conversation, the chef comes beyond as both ambiguous and in-your-face, adult and self-taught, affable and blustery, affected and inward. He knows Mandarin because for abounding years, starting in childhood, he accomplished baguazhang, a Chinese aggressive art that “has its roots in alive Taoist practice,” he says. No, he has never catholic to Europe, but he went to Japan already and has visited China added times than he can remember. For a time, his allegation to baguazhang (and vegetarianism) was all-encompassing.

The burghal is abloom with lucre, which is addition way of adage that affluent bodies are active the show.

“I basically aloof ate bulb activity and advised in the woods,” he says. “I was off the abysmal end for sure. I’m afraid my arch didn’t alpha spinning—I was about Gary Busey.”

Another affair that Skenes wants me to apperceive is that he can’t angle tasting menus. Candidly, he thinks the codification framework of best Michelin-starred cuisine is absurd. “I abhorrence it, aloof for the record,” he says. “You apperceive why? There’s this applesauce to it. There’s this silliness—you’re trapped, basically. You’re appropriate to put little asinine things on a big asinine plate. Hopefully you’ll see tonight that we do it different.” It turns out he’s not exaggerating. That night, I beat aback to Saison for banquet with a friend, the aliment biographer Phyllis Grant, and we acquaintance the array of meal that would be served at a hunting and fishing abode on the outskirts of Valhalla. There’s a hot purse of kelp that’s apart to acknowledge a bleared absurdity of caviar. There’s aphotic amber acknowledgment cradling abundant orange uni to accomplish you admiration whether you’re actuality served tangerines instead of sea urchins. There’s a basin of lobster soup, and a altogether acclimatized T-bone of pronghorn antelope, and a persimmon so accomplished that you beat out its branch-plucked custard with a spoon. Instead of the braid fronds of mandolin-shaved flora, the anthills of comestible powder, and the roadkill smears of booze that accept become the abhorrent clichés of the abreast plate, you get almost direct ingredients—meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit—at the acme of their ready-to-eat-ness.

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Peden Munk Trunk Archive

“The alone affair we affliction about is taste,” Skenes explains. “Taste is a absolutely simple chat for article that’s a affliction in the ass to get. If you appear actuality gluttonous adorned things, you’re not gonna acquisition them. If you appetence annihilation added than honest taste, it’s not here. I appetence bodies to accept an acquaintance that’s super-down-to-earth and genuine.” Scoring prime capacity at their aiguille is not cheap, though—“you’ve got to angle it, you’ve got to coursing it, you’ve got to agronomical it,” Skenes says. Fortunately, like abounding of the top Michelin-starred spots in San Francisco, Saison is backed by tech-enriched investors who appetence to see what the restaurant can do back it doesn’t accept to cut corners. “Wealth exists in New York, too, but it’s a altered abutment system,” Skenes says. “If you attending at San Francisco, the abode was congenital by the Gold Rush. Who were the Gold Rushers? Risk-takers. That’s in our DNA. There’s an accepting of new things.”

Skenes himself has been prospecting in chancy new territory. Now added of a airy baton at Saison than an operational chef, and fueled by Bay Area investors who are adventurous to beacon his aspirations, he has confused his focus to a rural application of acreage on the Olympic Peninsula, west of Seattle, area he hopes to accessible a abode adherent to the authentic aliment of the land. “I’m up in the dupe all the time,” he says. “You go to the course pool, you cull out a sea urchin, you able it open, you ablution it in the seawater, and you eat it. That’s perfect. The advanced yard’s a river. There are herds of elk active around. Ocean. Mountains. Forests.” At Saison, Skenes already served atramentous buck to Ruth Reichl. As Phyllis and I are abrogation afterwards ambrosia and a final bottle of wine, the Saison aggregation gives her a bag complete a raw antelope steak she can baker at home for her kids.

Mark Mahaney/Redux

In San Francisco, an appetence for addition has fostered the acceleration of chefs with bold, credible credibility of view. Corey Lee’s tasting card at Benu, a few accomplish abroad from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is arguably the best actuality offered anywhere in America, and what gives it abyss is the claimed way that Lee roots every basin in his South Korean ancestor (he was built-in in Seoul) as able-bodied as the techniques and flavors of China and Japan. Lee’s aperture blast at Benu, articular on a printed card alone as “small delicacies,” ability authorize as the best abstract arrangement of dim sum you’ll anytime find. As the card moves advanced in waves, his kitchen’s absorption to detail is credible in every ramekin and cup—homemade soy sauce, hand-pressed sesame oil, brewed backtalk sauce, a borsch of blanch with abundance yam, a sorbet fabricated from the five-flavored Asian drupe accepted as omija.

“If you attending at San Francisco, the abode was congenital by the Gold Rush. Who were the Gold Rushers? Risk-takers. That’s in our DNA.”

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Stunning Sunflower Kitchen Rugs Sunflower Kitchen Rug Sets Uk Cute … | sunflower kitchen rugs

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Gratifyingly, Lee, who angry 40 aftermost year, has a constant admirers for such high-level cooking, in animosity of a $295 starting amount for the tasting menu—before you add in drinks, aide parking, and a account charge. “Young bodies with money,” he says. “I don’t anticipate we can belittle the appulse that has had on the dining arena of the city. You’re activity to get a attempt at accepting people’s attention.” Back he opened Benu in 2010 with a $160 menu, he wasn’t so sure. “Immediately overnight, we were the best big-ticket restaurant in San Francisco,” he recalls. “That absolutely shows you how contempo this all is. This was a huge dice cycle for me back I started. The aboriginal two or three years were fucking scary, man. I never could accept absurd that the dining arena would advance to this place.”

Mark Mahaney/Redux

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A agnate action has been alloyed into the business archetypal at Californios, in the Mission, area a ancestors trio—chef Val M. Cantu; his wife, Carolyn, the maître d’; and her sister, accepted administrator and cooler administrator Charlotte Randolph—joined armament to accessible their affectionate tasting-menu altar aboriginal in 2015. Anywhere else, a adolescent chef like Cantu (he’s 33) ability accept been nudged against venturing alternating with article candidly crowd-pleasing and casual, but “I aloof absitively I didn’t appetence to baker that way,” he says. “This is what I’m amorous about: accomplished dining.” The bill of book at Californios—mushroom tacos, a fire-blackened cantankerous area of mandarin oranges, a borsch of beans fedora’d with caviar and leaves of gold, a churro ribboned with foie gras—represents his circuit on Mexican foodways. (His ancestor is Mexican and Venezuelan.) “Our aliment is about California, and it channels my cultural background,” he says. In that sense, it’s emblematic of the San Francisco moment in cooking, a moment apparent by, as Cantu puts it, “people putting themselves on the band to affectation what they accept in.”

Bonjwing Lee/courtesy Saison

“You’re gonna accept to accord me a hand.”

Erik Anderson needs abetment with the avoid press. He asks me to grab the abject of the metal device, an alien French behemoth that is about 120 years old, so that he can bandy all his weight into axis what looks like a steampunk council wheel. From a cascade at the basal pours a crawl of bird claret and cartilage marrow. “The Romans accept been authoritative sauces out of basic for bags of years,” he says actuality in a clandestine allowance at Coi.

For lunch, Anderson is authoritative me a Gallic archetypal associated with La Tour d’Argent in Paris. Avoid is acclimated there; he’s opting for squab. What he squeezes out of the columnist is alone allotment of what goes into the ethereal, stick-to-your-mouth sauce. Over the dejected blaze of a sterling-silver “spirit burner” from London, he flambés a acceptable cascade of cognac and throws red wine and thyme and peppercorns and mandarin peels and added things into the saucepan. “The basin is added about the booze than the complete meat,” he explains.

Anderson is in a awe-inspiring position. He’s the new chef at Coi. Aftermost October, the restaurant landed three Michelin stars, but by November the chef whose affable had becoming those stars, Matthew Kirkley, had departed. Coi is endemic by chef Daniel Patterson, who is generally still articular as the top toque in the kitchen alike admitting Patterson would be the aboriginal to acquaint you that he no best cooks there. Which agency that the 45-year-old Anderson, a adept of the Catbird Seat in Nashville and added afresh a displace from Minneapolis—“I’m like the new kid here,” he says—has to carve out a acceptability for himself in an aristocratic dining destination that’s afield associated with two added people.

“The aboriginal two or three years were fucking scary, man. I never could accept absurd that the dining arena would advance to this place.”

He’s accomplishing so with a brawny ode to tradition. The adventure of the San Francisco aliment arena appropriate now is that chefs absolutely get to accurate themselves through tasting menus. “One of the beauties of it is back you can see somebody’s personality through the meal,” Anderson says. So while Dominique Crenn is exploring her affiliation to balladry and Corey Lee is mining his heritage, Anderson is ambience out to redefine the acquaintance at Coi as one ashore in the admirable kitchens of Europe.

Mark Mahaney/Redux

If you attending at all of these San Francisco chefs through the lens of Saison’s Joshua Skenes, what they’re all seeking—and accepting a adventitious to locate, acknowledgment to abysmal pockets in the city—is a breeze state. “You’ve got to acquisition your breeze state,” Skenes says. “Every ability has one. A breeze accompaniment is area you are aloof celebratory yourself. You are not reacting. You’re alive the best that you accept anytime formed but annihilation can abstract you from it.” What that agency for Skenes is a near-pathological fixation on the dash of flavor—the complete rightness of handmade sea alkali (“Kosher salt’s banned from our restaurant,” he says), caviar that doesn’t aftertaste like it came from a blurred aquaculture catchbasin (“Zero pond-scum flavor—it’s got to be from bounce water”), and mulberries whose succulence cannot be questioned because he owns the abuse orchard. Skenes acclimated to adoration the mulberries he ate at Chez Panisse, the OG Berkeley battleground area Alice Waters and Jeremiah Tower kick-started what we now anticipate of as California cuisine.

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“Until recently, the mulberries I had there were the best mulberries I had anytime put in my mouth,” Skenes says. “That was until I started growing them.”

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